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Salon Snippets: The Beginning.

There's a lot of good that comes with being a hairdresser. Like having not only the ability, but the opportunity, to completely turn someone's day around. Like having a walk-in blow-dry and flat-iron become a lifelong friend. And like being able to spend your days being creative, and learning about the person in your chair.

In this case? The "good" would be saying to one of those clients, "So, I want to start a blog.." and having her drop in just to bring you a book: 300 Writing Prompts.

1 out of the 300, ironically enough, reads:

"What do you love doing that you wish you could get paid for?"

That's an easy one.

I love getting to "doll up" a woman several hours and one ceremony away from being a surgeon.

I love hearing the up's and down's of an elementary school special education teacher's week.

I love knowing I've done every formal and prom 'do for a certain sweet girl's entire high school career.

I love giving a child's first haircut, and watching him grow for years to follow.

I love being granted the trust to shape a man's appearance just before a job interview.

I love sharing the emotions of a haircut before boot camp, or chemo.

I love working alongside my friends, or more so, my family.

I love befriending an English professor over highlights, and having her take interest in my writing.

and the best part?

I DO get paid for it.

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